Syndrome – Now And Forever

Syndrome is an experimental project from Ghent, Belgium. Mathieu Vandekerckhove (guitarist of Amenra, Kingdom, Sembler Deah) and Tine Guns are Syndrome. Their music mostly consist of post-rock and ambient elements.

Videoclip by Tine Guns & Sander Vandenbroucke

DOP: Sander Vandenbroucke
2nd Camera: Tine Guns
Edit: Tine Guns
With: An Oost, Jo Ackermans
Marc Guns, Wolf Vandekerckhove, Pieter De Bel, Thijs Vergauwe
Thanks: Isaac Verminck, Jeroen Boone, Bert De Leyn, Louisa M. Ponseele, Matthieu Ronsse, Jurgen Barczuk (Equiatros), Dierenasiel Gent, Carwash Reidanus Gent

Syndrome :